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Check out our Hello Live! video of our “live” eye brow tinting! 

Sometimes your face needs an update…and I’m not talking plastic surgery. Why fill in your brows when you can guarantee a more natural appeal with brow tinting? Brow tinting is the coloring of your eyebrows, using dye to enhance the thickness, color, and shape of your brow. There is no waxing needed; however, your esthetician might choose to clean you up. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes.

#TeamBeautiful visited Falicia Fracassi, the founder and owner of Fracassi Lashes, in Harlem, New York. Starting her own business with her four sisters, they have created a successful franchise with several locations throughout New York state.

Falicia Fracassi Brows article

Source: Hello Beautiful

We joined Falicia at her Harlem location to learn more about brow tinting, it’s benefits, and even to try it for you! Watch the video above or learn more below.

“Brows shape your face.” ~ Falicia Fracassi

Brows have the ability to change the look of your face and even give you a little “lift.” Save yourself ten minutes in the morning by trying brow tinting. It lasts anywhere from two weeks to one month, depending on your lifestyle. Brow tinting will make your brows appear thicker, which is definitely trending for Spring/Summer 2016. Also, as you get older, your hair follicles grow less and less, making your eyebrows appear thinner. With brow tinting, you can enhance the thickness of your eyebrows, taking a few years off of your face.

Here’s a trick to stimulate brow growth. 

If you want your brows to grow, you need to tend to them by brushing them everyday. Falicia explains, “Brushing brows are very important with growth. It helps stimulate the hair follicles.”

You get new brows and lashes every 30-60 days.

“Many women think their brows are not growing when they truly are. Your brows grow cyclically and there are three different cycles to growth: anagen, catagen, telogen. The anagen stage is the active growth stage, while the catagen stage represents the end of the growth cycle, and telogen is the rest period.”

More benefits of brow tinting.

You have so many fine hairs that could be impacting the look of your brows. By dyeing your brows, these fine hairs get colored, giving you a fuller look!

Brow tinting also saves time in your morning routine. No more filling in my brows and trying to get them even! I wake up and am ready to apply the rest of my face.

After our conversation, Falicia then tinted my eyebrows which was an easy and painless (minus the waxing) process. I was so surprise to see the difference in my brows. Admittedly, I had be lining my brows in black and while they don’t look bad (see below).


However, with brow tinting, they just look naturally like mine. They don’t look filled in, they don’t look altered. Yes, please!

Falicia Fracassi Brows article

Source: Hello Beautiful / Hello Beautiful

I do recommend this for women that want to enhance their look with a more clean cut appeal without really having to do much. At $25 + tip, this is a manageable beauty expense that won’t break the bank!


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