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In a national fitness poll, when asked what part of the body they hate the most, under 1% of people said they like everything about their body. Many people said that they disliked their butt, their thighs, their chest or their stomach. What about you? Which part of your body do you want to change (without going under the knife that is)?

Here’s a few quick tips for every part of the body:

1. Upper Body

This is the part from your bust (chest on up). The key here (and mostly every part of your body) is consistency. Try cutting back on the sweets and salt which make your body retain more water and then try doing arm circles (holding on out your arms and doing 30 arm circles forward, then backward (repeat 3 times). Then use any weight from home (soup cans work great) and then push your weight arms up as if you were standing up in a bench press. Do 3 sets of 15.

2. Stomach

Extra weight in the stomach area is not only by eating/drinking too much. It can also be caused by stress, anxiety or depression. Pairing exercise and relaxation techniques may be the best method to fix this problem. A great exercise to help would be to plank. In full push up position, stay there still for 60 seconds. Try doing this everyday for two weeks, then bump it up to 2 minutes. You’ll start to see a difference. Also, reduce the number of alcoholic and sugary drinks you have by half.

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3. Mid – Lower Body

This is your hips, upper thighs and buttocks. Most women say this is a problem area for them. Exercises that incorporate lower-body resistance training, paired with cardiovascular workouts, are essential to removing this fat issue. The squat can do wonders in this area as well as the burpee. See here for some quick and effective workouts.

4. Lower Body

Swimming and water activities is a great way to shape your lower legs and calves. Try…

How To Workout The 5 Parts Of Your Body  was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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