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They couldn’t really have a traditional Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta reunion because most of the staff can’t stand each other, so it was done as an “Exposed and Unfiltered” special. Basically, they showed unaired clips and interviewed the cast in segments. D Smith, Waka Flocka and Deb Antney decided not to participate, and good for them because the ish was redundant and boring.

Here are 8 takeaways from part one of tonight’s special:

1. Once again the entire cast seems to think that Joseline is a terrible person that’s on coke. Wow. We can neither confirm nor deny these claims, but Joseline has definitely been trippin the past couple of seasons with all the lying, trouble making and delusions of grandeur (she seems to believe that she is A-list when she’s still somewhere down around D, maybe E). As mad as everyone else is at her, she’s still talking smack about any and everyone and at this point, only Dawn is in her corner. We’ll see how long that won’t last, though.


2. KK will absolutely beat the breaks off Joseline. The two of them faced off in an interview segment. Basically, KK wanted to know why Joseline was going around telling people that she slept with Stevie. KK and Stevie deny it, because they’re more like family, but Joseline kept being as petty as possible during the interview. She kept bringing up KK’s criminal record and calling her old. KK popped off, but the only reason no hands were thrown was because security was on it.

3. K. Michelle still wants everyone to think that she’s classy and evolved. She came back to the show for a quick interview. She said her purpose in being there was to stunt on all the people who doubted her. Way to be above it all and “not care.”


4. Stevie and Joseline can’t get on the same page about whether they were legally married or not. Stevie explained his side of the story again—that Joseline wanted to go along with the rumor that came out about their alleged nuptials and he went along with it because it made her happy. How much you want to bet they planted the rumor in the first place? Anyway, Joseline’s side of the story is that they were and are legally married and she’s sticking to it. It should be noted that production did ask them for a marriage license and they never produced one.

Aren’t marriage records public though? You mean no one has seen one from them?


5. Joseline, Tommie and Stevie didn’t have a threesome, but Joseline and Tommie had sex at a later date. Host Nina Parker revealed that producers wanted Tommie and Joseline to chat with each other, but Joseline took out an order of protection against Tommie without her knowledge because Tommie allegedly tried to run her over.


Tommie actually confirmed that this happened. But the thing is, Joseline only recently filed the order of protection when the incident happened months ago.

6. Joseline’s petty knows no boundaries. Nina tried to follow up with Joseline about her motives for filing the restraining order against Tommie so late, and she got all hostile and tried to play Nina. Joseline tried to reduce Nina’s presence to nothing by calling her messy and by insinuating that she’s “just a blogger.” Yes, this messy chick who used to be a stripper and used Stevie J for a come up and still barely has any music out had the nerve. But Nina, who is educated and actually has a degree in journalism, kept it impressively professional and classy.



They were able to move past it, but still. Joseline will try it with the wrong one day.


Joseline finally had a moment where she discussed the beak down of her relationship with Stevie. She’s actually human. Fastfoward to the moment that it’s revealed that Joseline is pregnant. Joseline claims Stevie is the father. She said they had sex one time in LA, but that they hadn’t touched each other any other time.

7. Momma Dee always got jokes.


8. Joseline is pregnant by Stevie J. Joseline announced this pregnancy weeks ago. This one is actually real (unlike that phantom one, but I digress) because she has been posting bump and sonogram shots on Instagram, but details of who the father was had been sketchy. Technically it’s still sketchy because we don’t get Stevie’s reaction until next week, and he may want a DNA test. Joseline claims that they had sex one time during all that turmoil in LA. Captain Messy Boots is all up and through this situation. Maybe Stevie J should get a vasectomy since he doesn’t seem to like condoms, but an actual vasectomy, not a Peter Gunz vasectomy.


Next week we’ll watch part two of this unfiltered and exposed special. The set up is the same so there will be more messiness to come. Stay tuned.


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