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Another day, another example of Blackness being celebrated on White bodies versus our own.

Free People Pink Dreadlocks

Retail company Free People is out here selling a 10 pack of pink dreadlocks at $128 for festival season like they are Soon Ja from the beauty supply store on 125th Street in Harlem, New York.

Free People Pink Dreadlocks

… Except it’s not.

Our hair is not a decoration for others to adorn on special occasions.

Becky, don’t put this in your hair. I can only imagine this wool, flower, and beaded concoction mixing with your silky hair for the festival then having to cut this mess out.

Free People Pink Dreadlocks

Smh. Man, Free People, you don’t have any Black buyers on staff to co-serve as your chief diversity officer?

I don’t know what’s more insulting, the color (why are you automatically assuming women want pink locs?), the cultural hijacking: Black people cannot put this in their hair, or the simple fact that they are selling this 10-pack for the same price as a real bundle of weave.

Stick to flower crowns and flash tats.

PHOTO CREDIT: Free People, Getty


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