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Willie & Shanda

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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood picked up from last week’s Shanda and Willie side chick drama. This time, we found Shanda and Willie having a “heart to heart” on the beach. Willie apologized and promised he’ll never do it again, yatta, yatta.


Shanda took him back, and agreed to work on their marriage, but that doesn’t mean this Kyesha chick is finished or done.

In other basic news, remember when Brandi’s husband gave her $27 stacks for their son? Well, she took that money and invested it in a boutique. Her logic is that she’ll make the money back quickly and then be able to invest even more into her son.


Even worse is, she’s trying to keep it a secret—except she told Princess, who is technically family. Y’all know princess told Ray J, right? And later on, Ray J dry snitched to Max.


Tonight, we also met new cast members Lyrica Anderson, a singer/songwriter, and her boo A1, a producer. Apparently there’s a lot of mama drama here. A1’s mom has been living with them, but plans to move to a new place. The thought of A1’s mom moving is music to Lyrica’s ears. Actually, neither of them likes the other one’s mother. Later on we got to meet A1’s mother and she is definitely a trip. It’s going to be hard to top Mama Dee’s antics, but A1’s mom might come close.


Ray J and Max rolled up to Brandi’s store, Jhalae. Princess just so happened to be there with Brandi already, so Brandi tried to play it off like it wasn’t her store and that she was helping Princess find something for the wedding. Y’all…


This was a generic women’s clothing store. What the heck would a bride-to-be want with thot wear? Ray and Max ain’t that dumb so they didn’t buy it. They bounced without incident, but planned to return at some point to get some proof of Brandi’s shady dealings. Princess admitted she told Ray and now Brandi is shook because the grand opening is coming soon so she knows the drama is coming.

Speaking of drama, Fizz moved out of Moniece’s house because he was pissed that Moniece was going around telling people, primarily Nikki, that she wanted his sperm. But like, why did he move in with her anyway like that wasn’t gonna be drama. Storylines.


Finally, it’s time for the grand opening of Brandi and her business partner’s store. The backstory is, Jhalae was an online boutique that Brandi and her partner opened up. Anyway, Princess and Ray J showed up first. Max finally came through and got Brandi to admit what she did with the money. Max was pissed, rightfully so. Brandi felt she was justified because in she claimed that she was starting to make the money back already.


Max confronted her, got nowhere with trying to reason with her, which pissed him off even more so he walked out on her. Brandi followed him screaming and crying like a lunatic and we’ll see how much farther downhill this goes next week.


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