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At this point in the presidential election cycle, no one should be shocked as to why Republican Nominee Donald Trump is polling so poorly among African-American voters.

He recently said that Blacks are “living in hell,” “we have no jobs,” and he strongly believes that “stop-and-frisk” (which has been deemed unconstitutional) is the best way to address crime in our communities. Not to mention, Trump hired a white nationalist and Alt-Right leader to be his campaign chairman and he single handedly created the movement that questioned the citizenship of this nation’s first Black president.

Black folks are not stupid. We see and hear you, Mr. Trump.

And yet, the businessman continues to spin the fairytale that African-Americans are going to overwhelmingly support him come November, and does so with the help of performative Black surrogates such as Rev. Mark Burns, Katrina Pierson and Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson. Now perhaps this would be funny if it were going down on some reality show or 30-minute scripted comedy, but this is transpiring in real life and it’s quite maddening, Interactive One’s SVP of Content and Brands, Kierna Mayo recently told Don Lemon on CNN. 

I have been Black long time and I am not living in hell, only the hell that Donald Trump is creating today. The hell that we are dealing with today has a lot to do with how vile this person is against communities of color that look and feel like mine,” she said on a segment on Thursday on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.

Mayo also brilliantly schooled conservative talk show host Stacy Washington, another Trump surrogate, on how it’s “hurtful” to see Blacks vehemently support the Republican nominee, given how detrimental his policies are for our community and the racism that he conjures up in our society.

(Just peep her face in the screenshot. Poor Stacy, she didn’t even this epic read coming.)

“First of all to pretend that Donald Trump at this point has any real vested interest in the well being of African Americans I think is a waste of anyone’s time,” Mayo said to Lemon, adding, “We’re not going to allow his narrative to define our decision making when it comes to this election.

When Washington tried to defend Trump’s ill-received “Blacks are living in hell,” comment and say that millions of Blacks were supporting Trump,  Mayo shut it down, replying “Who is he to say how Blacks are living at all?” and that millions of Black were NOT supporting the GOP candidate, telling Washington to basically show her the  “receipts.”

And after Washington, who looked more and more unhinged as the segment went on, continued on with a brief tirade, which Mayo countered right back, saying, “Ma’am. You’re on national television defending Donald Trump, that speaks for its self.”

If that wasn’t enough, Mayo finished Washington with this on-point statement:

It’s really unfortunate when other African-Americans tout this line that Donald Trump has kind of crafted and put right in your lap….it’s hurtful and I am speaking on behalf of masses of Black people who are clearly not Pro-Donald Trump for any number of reasons, not to mention the ridiculous Birther issue that he had every opportunity to back up from, to apologize for and chose to do the exact opposite. And you would dare to represent him in a forum like this to suggest that that is normalized? We are a bit more sharper than that.”

Thank you Kierna for speaking your truth. We couldn’t be more proud!


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