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Sneaker culture is not just a movement of old guys collecting non-essential, old school kicks anymore.

These days, sneakerheads vary in age, race and style. In honor of Fresh Kicks Day on Dec. 10, Global Grind caught up with three sneaker enthusiasts in a segment we like to call Kicks Council to chat about the one thing sneakerheads hate the most: sneaker lines. Dustin Ross, Mouse Jones and Chase from Sneaker Pawn joined host BlogXilla to chat about all things kicks.

When asked what they thought about people standing in line for hours to get sneakers, as opposed to being at work and making money, Dustin Ross responded, “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. You’re at work at some point in your story in order to have the money to buy the sneakers. Let me tell you something, standing in line for sneakers is a part of our culture.”

Ross even broke down the importance of sneakers to urban youth, adding, “Say what you want, but growing up in urban communities, there’s a confidence that you get from wearing nice sneakers. I don’t think anything’s wrong with it, I support it.”

However, Mouse Jones felt differently than Ross. He claims that in the time of the internet, there’s no reason to be standing out in lines. Who do you agree with?

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Check out the latest segment of Kicks Council above.

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