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Let’s face it, some people do not think about saving while in their 20’s and the thought of saving money at early 30’s is just setting in.  How do you save money when you have children, you have rent, mortgage, utilities, car insurance and a car note?  After all of that you still have to buy food, clothes, gas for the car and daycare.

Well the answer is sacrifice and money monitoring.  Making use of your smartphone for things other than  snapchat, instagram, twitter and facebook is a great start.  Download credit monitoring and money tracking apps.  Reviewing your daily spending will help.  Limit your fast food purchases.  Saving $50 a month is actually very easy and will go a long way if you start in your 20’s.

For those that are 30 and older, saving $300 or more will be a challenge.  After paying all those items listed above, you may say, “Where do I find more than $50 to save”?  That is where finding another stream of income comes in.  Tap in to other skills you have.  If you are good at planning, you can do coordinate events, weddings, birthdays and family reunions.  Maybe you you enjoy fixings things and handy around your house.  People always need help fixing things at home.  Why not start a handy person business.

The money is out there, you just have to find a way to get it and start saving ASAP.  Saving and multiple streams of income is the key to having a big bank account and living a great life after Christmas.