About DJ Flava

He is the personal DJ for the President of The Gambia in West Africa, Dr. Yahya Jammeh where travels frequently. Flava has a passion for helping people that are less fortunate and spends much of his time in the community. You can hear Flava at various clubs, events, concerts & 93.9 WKYS.

  National Guard has been activated to the following states – Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, New York, Rhode Island, and Washington in an effort to help curtail the spread of the coronavirus also known as Covid-19. The Hill.comCom reported that 400 soldiers are activated at this time with 600 more readies to join them. The Guard […]

GET YOUR TICKETS TO THE 93.9 WKYS WOMEN’S DAY CELEBRATION HERE   Nope, R&B is still alive and going strong.  In an age of fake trapping and rapping, R&B has made a major come back everywhere.  Sold out shows, with artists like Mahalia, Ella Mai, and Kiana Lede.  People are requesting slow jams or chilly […]

You read correctly. Scientists say Earth may be hit by a very large asteroid in September 2019. Imagine that! What will you do? Where will you go? With all the space stuff going by our planet daily, do you ever stop to think how will you survive and are you prepared for such a devastating […]

Louisiana Coroner says a lady died of a THC overdose. The levels in her body were so high that the tests picked it up. A usual test shows .05, her test showed 8.5. Significantly high amount in a test. Her boyfriend said she was using a vaping unit which heats up an extract of THC […]

https://www.instagram.com/p/BtVQK2chhUY/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=74wp49sf7q9s Donnell Floyd aka D. Floyd of Team Familiar and formally with Rare Essence announced on social media that he will retire from the Go-Go scene this year. Known for numerous songs like Lock-It, Workin the Walls, Mirinda, Overnight Scenario, 9-1-1 and that distinctive WAIT A MINUTE! Floyd has made a major name himself in […]

Okay let’s be real, children under the age of 6 have some pretty fun things. This one Paw Patrol is not only educational but it is exciting and full of adventure. I see why my 3 year old loves Chase and Marshall. It’s one thing to see them on a flat screen hanging on the […]


Despite the government shutdown and potentially looming crisis ahead of us, the DOW gained 100 points today January 16, 2019. Goldman Sachs posted they had the best day in 10 years. Bank of America also did better in its regular areas but also did well in retail. How is it that Government workers and contractors […]

Binge watchers everywhere are upset as Netflix has decided to raise its rates. Streaming has become the new norm. Netflix is the leader followed by Amazon Prime with original content. In addition, a software developer has designed a program that will detect password sharing. The program will shut down accounts with multiple users.  

Sometimes you just gotta have fun and Friday I did that with the District of Columbia National Guard at the DC Armory.  The Guard held a Career day block party inviting people to ask questions and possibly make a career change, start a career and get paid to learn all while having fun.  So check […]

Sport Bikes continue to dominate the DMV.  Only once a year do cruisers make a real appearance and that is for Memorial Day Rolling Thunder when Military Veterans and supporters roll into the area from around the country and hit the  495 Beltway.  It is a very impressive show for sure. Sport Cruisers have been […]

The Youth Entrepreneur Institute is a non profit organization based in Washington, DC.  The program helps young people 14-24 identify their passions, exposes them to new positive environments and helps them start a business.  The Founder Tachana Crump originally from Virginia Beach, Va. has put all her efforts and resources in helping the community.  Click […]