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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York picks up with a reminder that Yandy dropped a bombshell last week. Basically, Juju and Kimbella are floored to discover that Yandy and Mendeecees aren’t legally married. Yandy says she doesn’t have a contractual agreement with the government, but she is in agreement with herself, Mendeecees and God, and that’s all that matters.

Yandy obviously had her wedding, we all saw it, but she said that an officiant signed her paperwork but she never sent it off to be legalized. She claims she did it in order to protect her money from Mendeecees’ baby mothers. People are clowning Yandy for rubbing the “wife life” in everyone’s faces, but she’s crazy like a fox. As petty as her drama has gotten with Mendeecees’ babymamas, you know they’d gun for her assets by way of Mendeecees’ if they could.

But here’s the kicker, later on we find out that Mendeecees didn’t know that Yandy never sent off the paper work. She scammed everyone.


Yandy told Mendeecees that this is what she was advised to do, but Mendeecees wasn’t hearing it. He was so pissed that he hung up the phone on her.


DJ Self linked up with Rich Dollaz and Peter Gunz to explain his beef with Cisco and how he kicked him out of the Creep Squad. Peter Gunz explains that they should call a meeting with Cisco and let him get a chance to explain himself. This is odd because in the same breath, Peter Gunz said that Cisco blocked him from doing a club appearance aka getting money in New Orleans. Cisco shouldn’t even really get a chance to state his case, but Peter Gunz claims he just wants to get a chance to get face to face with Cisco, hombre a hombre—as if this will have a positive outcome.

In other news, J Adrienne tried to get back with Snoop. It’s not back on just yet because Snoop is hesitant. However, Snoop did pray for with J Adrienne. Remy and Papoose made an appearance on tonight’s episode. Remy told Papoose that she’d rather not have him be her manager anymore. Basically, she just wants him to be her husband again. That makes sense. Pap is kind of okay with it, but he did get a little tight that she had already hired someone before running that part by him. Hopefully we get to see more of how this plays out as the season progresses.

Back to Mendeecees babymamas…

Samantha and Erika get along fine. They’re actually working on a “kids clothing line” together—and a plan to sabotage Yandy. They got together to “work” on their clothing line, but also to sit with Erika’s lawyer. Erika’s lawyer explains that Yandy wasn’t within her rights to lock her out of the apartment since her name is on the lease and also droped tea that Yandy and Mendeecees may not actually be married. She says she hasn’t been able to find a marriage certificate and now Erika and Samantha feel like they’re justified in calling Yandy a fraud.


J Adrienne tried to show Snoop that she’s serious about changing her ways by bringing Snoop to a Sofie Green photoshoot just to show her how real it is. Snoop was happy to see that J Adrienne stepped up to be the bigger person, and ended up inviting Sofie Green to perform at an upcoming Gorgeous Gangsta showcase without J Adrienne trying to pop off.

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for all episode—the Creep Squad collides! Cisco sits across the table from DJ Self, Peter Gunz and Rich Dollaz—godfather-style. It was so dramatic. Anyway, Peter led the interrogation. He started by asking why Cisco blocked him from making that money in New Orleans. Cisco claimed that he was mad about Rich and Peter going into business together. Basically, Cisco’s logic is that Rich and Peter hanging out together and partnering up on the restaurant takes money out of his pocket so he decided to take it out on Peter.


Peter demanded an apology from Cisco and the 10 stacks that he missed out on. Cisco pulls out five stacks and offers that upfront. Then he says that Peter Gunz can get the other five stacks from his pocket. That’s when Peter Gunz leaps over the table like a Bronx Jedi Knight to deliver a beat down. Y’all know security stepped in on that one.


It’s understandable that Peter tried though. That man has 10 kids to take care of and Cisco’s callous behavior is uncalled for. This is far from over.

They go for another round next week.


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