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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Describe how you feel in 3 words about today’s Inauguration?

Timeka Wright Gm,Not with it!!!

Kevin Little Gm I’m actually not salty what’s the difference between trump and every other president we ever had besides Obama???? I’ll wait

Tanesha Butler Sick to my stomach

Helen Washington #MakesMeSad

Scheronda Gilliam Good morning!

Dwayne Torain Saddened, uncertain, and hopeful

Na’Tisha Riley Need a drink!

Lisa Horton Malcolm x ish

Malcolm Lynch Just be optimistic

Charles Smith Nothing Nothing..and more of Nothing…that’s yall president

sooul_unlocked What the hell!

bmoreravenfan Sick, disqusted,discouraged

jpslater1983 Dam dam dam dammmmm

beautiful_brave_blessed God is working

dptheemcee Ready, vigilant, motivated

mindblowingneka Government is corrupted

gee_bas Some bull ish

eboniblack It is Bulls**t.

eminor7b5 Obama shoulda retired on Wednesday just to screw up all trumps merchandise… Biden woulda been the 45th president for like two days … lol

cristalonair Sad, Motivated, Optimistic

courtneysongz I need Obama

your_addiction1017 Just hold on

aharg1 Mad as hell

clove410 New World Order

marzkeyz It’s bulls**t man

daybsofly SCARED AS SHIT…we have no idea whats about to happen

im_kbee Totally disgusted Today

beck_a_licious @drejohnson1 stay prayed up

tasha_2.0_n disappointed, nervous, sad @drejohnson1

iamdjbunk @drejohnson1 god got us 💯

cheleysworld I feel we need a Miracle from God!

coach_taurus Lost, confused, and worried @drejohnson1 p.s. Uncle Murder said it best in the intro to “Camron voice” he’s bringing back that Regan era.

mrs.lane15 Feels like a funeral. 😢😭😭😭😭😭😪

boozer83 Disgusted, disappointed, wondering (how we got here)

othatssunshyne Blah Blah Blah!!

beckysboy77 Thinking, wondering, doing

libra_heath Rolling my eyes

candykane691 Just be safe

firstnamecandi God. Help. Us.

lil_shakia__ Keep Prayed up@drejohnson1

lemondrop_79 Very, very sad!

imjuse_86 A Damn Shame…

m.willy36 Staying prayed up

pretti_piggy #HEAL #DA #WORLD

sleepnut2012 God Bless Us

natural_candigirl A damn shame

mr.cwalkersr Miss Obama Already!

fawn_31 Don’t leave Obama

jlewis1223 Walls Are Going Up & Bridges Are Coming Down !

faithteaser Life goes on.

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