It’s always cool to think about what Barack Obama might be listening to. From J.Cole to Jazmine Sullivan to Migos – his summer playlist never disappoints. Midway thru 2021 he has shared his picks! Are you surprised by any? Who would you add? Jazmine Sullivan and Migos respond to the playlist

Former President Barack Obama took to Instagram Monday to share a few of his thoughts on how to make this moment a real turing point to bring about change. “It will be a new generation of activist to shape strategies that best fit the times,” the President said in his post. Mr. Obama went on […]

On Monday, the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery unveiled portraits of our former president Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama. The unveiling is part of a long tradition where former presidents have their paintings hanging in the National Portrait Gallery. Barack’s image will hang in the Hall of Presidents while Michelle’s will find a […]

  A photo of Barack Obama with a grey low cut beard has been circulating all over the internet, driving the beard loving ladies absolutely insane. But this isn’t the first time our 44th POTUS has seen on the internet with a beard. Check out all the time’s the internet put a beard on Obama for […]

Even if it’s just photoshop, after the outpouring of #BeardGang support, baby-faced Barry might never come back.


During an interview with David Letterman, Barack Obama reflected on what it was like to send his oldest daughter Malia off to Harvard.

The ambitious and elaborate plans for Barack Obama's forthcoming presidential library in Chicago are being discussed by many residents.

Barack Obama shared his favorite songs and books of 2017, including Chance The Rapper's "First World Problems."

We miss Barack Obama so much and according to Huffington Post so does a lot of other people.