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June Ambrose stopped by HB Studios and appeared on Hello Live hosted by our Style & Beauty Editor, Danielle James, and featuring special guest, Rae Holliday. June talked her new #RockMom limited edition sweaters, what’s currently trending and what fashion designers’ she’s looking forward to seeing at New York Fashion Week, the benefit to oversized hats and how to mix patterns, correctly (there is a science).

June Ambrose has launched a limited edition sweater line that features sweaters that say, #RockMom, Stay Woke, and even one with her effervescent image plastered on front. The sweatshirts have a cartoon kind of feel, reminiscing a Moschino type vibe. June stated, “I wanted to push the movement and promote the empowerment of mothers and how you can rock and still be sexy and work and still raise a family.” To June, we (women) are having it all. She gives advice to women when they are overwhelmed and struggling with work-life balance,

“Pace yourself. You can’t try to sprint it. It’s a marathon. It’s okay to pass the baton. Have a checklist. The things you don’t get one day, you handle it tomorrow.”

June Ambrose has paced herself throughout her fashion career, building a bevy of accolades over the past two decades. From costume designing for over 200 music videos, being the Marketing Director of Karl Kani, a celebrity stylist, author, and entrepreneur, she is not only a fashion maven, but also a fashion staple. What is fashion to June Ambrose?

“Fashion is meat without style. Designers want people to interpret the fashion.”

Style is the essence of fashion and really shows out in how one takes a piece that a designer has created and make it uniquely their own. June did this nicely with the athleisure trend, pairing her #RockMom shirt with designer pieces, to create a unique high-low look. Get June’s look from her Hello Live interview, here.

Speaking of getting a look, June is famously known for her oversized hats.

For June, it’s almost the higher the hat, the better the style. Why does she wear such ostentatiously tall headgear?

“Here’s the trick. If you wonder why I’m always wearing really tall, shafted hats, it’s because I’m vertically challenged. So the trick is, when I wear the flats, I make up for height, in the hat. [….] You have to think tall, even though I’m only 5’2″.”

June is a treasure chest of fashion tips and tricks and is known for her pattern party and ability to mix prints on prints on prints.

When pulled off correctly, mixed prints will have you looking unique and stylish.

“You have to be able to manipulate fashion to work for you.” ~ June Ambrose

June teaches us the art of mixing prints: scale. It’s all about scale when mixing prints. How do you scale correctly with patterns? June explains, “Put the smaller patterns on the biggest part of your body and the biggest patterns on the smallest part of your body.”  This will keep your look balanced and flattering. If the patterns are too much, focus on the colors, “When it becomes overwhelming for you, keep the color/tones the same.

Pattern mixing is always on trend and definitely is an art when dressing. What additional trends is June into for this season? Athleisure, denim, metallics, and chunky heels are all on her radar. When discussing the upcoming New York Fashion Week, June is not only excited to see designers like Tracy Reese and fashion houses like Coach, but she’s also focusing on smaller designers, “If I go to any fashion shows this season, I want to go to new, emerging designers.”

Vera Wang Collection - Front Row & Backstage - September 2016 New York Fashion Week: The Shows

Source: Michael Stewart / Getty

We love it.

What’s 2017 hold in store for June? “This is the year of taking it. It’s about claiming the things you want in life.” Yes! June continues, “When we start to give ourselves the label WE want, that’s where the power is.” June will also continue to use her platform to elevate larger issues around women and her various interests. She exclusively tells Hello Beautiful, “It’s not about filling in, it’s about service.


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