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Where did you first learn about oral sex? Well Anthony Anderson said his own mother taught him about the act and how to do it right!

““’ll just cut to the chase,” Anderson told talk show host Conan O’Brien on Wednesday. “My mother taught me how to go downtown.”

O’Brien was visibly shocked, but that didn’t stop Anderson from continuing with his story.

“My momma taught me how to eat the cookie. Oral sex, Conan. Oral sex.”

The black-ish star explained that when he was in his 20s, he and his friends were home from college when his mother, Doris Hancoxtook it upon herself to bring out her “very extensive video collection” and provide instructional commentary on to do the deed.

Well damn.

“I was in my early 20s. I had just come home from college and we happened to be sitting around in the family room — not only me but buddies and their girlfriends — and she not only taught me and my brothers and my boys but also the women how to do what they needed to do,” the Emmy nominated actor explained.

Why did his mother want for son to be so well prepped for the art of going down? Because she claims that her own husband wasn’t very good at it.

“So she said, ‘I will be damned if I send my three boys out in the world not knowing how to do that, so it is my duty as a woman to teach you to do this properly because your daddy didn’t know what the hell he was doing.’”

Later on, Andy Richter, O’Brien’s sidekick, chimed in and asked “What I want to know is if you ever told anyone afterwards, ‘My mom taught me that’?”

Anderson’s replied: “I have. I would actually call my mother on the phone, and say, ‘Momma, they don’t believe you taught me this.’”

Look, we understand that for many of you this may seem very unorthodox and borderline inappropriate, but to each their own. And we’re pretty sure that Anderson’s wife is thanking her mother-in-law many times over for her sex-positive and fearless attitude.

See the interview for yourself below:

BEAUTIES, what do you think? Progressive parenting or inappropriate behavior?


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