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Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump's Rally in Mobile Alabama

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Trump is a “savior” to Black people according to conservative radio host Jesse Lee Peterson.

When discussing Black communities on radio, Peterson argues “it’s the whites, such as President Trump” that’s going to save “blacks from themselves by going in there and cleaning up crime, drugs and so that the decent blacks who are living in those areas can finally breathe and start living without fear of being shot down, robbed, killed, they can finally work.”  He further asserts Jesus is “working through President Trump to get it done.”

There’s more. He says that over the last 60 years there hasn’t been a Black man that Jesus has worked through to save Black people. Listen to bits of what he said below.

Peterson must have missed the various community meetings and political analysis explaining why Trumps intentions are problematic. But I’m sure he’ll get folks talking. What do you think of Paterson’s statements? Let us know in the comments below.

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