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Looks like Mase is fed up with Cam’ron‘s ish.

On the first track “It’s Killa” off his new mixtape “The Program,” Cam, had some pretty damaging things to say about his former friend and partner Mase. In fact, for years Cam has dissed his fellow Harlem brother on tracks and in interviews while Mase stayed quiet. Now it looks like the former Bad Boy star has had enough.

“Imagine 20 years with a bitter b**** and same the drama/Dame told you do this s*** and you don’t see Dame karma?/K9 on your ass with no distraction/P****  n**** wearin’ pink I guess he think he matchin’/I’ma paint the picture and let the hittas make the caption/F*** bars I’m tell n***** what really happened”

In the diss track “The Oracle” Mase makes some pretty weird and damging claims against Cam including him sleeping with his own sister.

“ever since 10 you was a thirst n**** / And I ain’t gon talk about the time you f****** your sister.”

“Tax know you as the n****s that snitch on the Roc/D.C. n****s know you as just a nigga they shot/OG n****s don’t have no history with you on the block/And everybody seen the footage I got”

I’m sure Cam has a reply on deck but we haven’t heard Mason like this since Harlem World. Let’s see what happens next