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Some of the Biggest movies in maybe history will be released in 2018. From Black people entering the Marvel Universe to a look inside the beginnings of one of Space’s most beloved heroes, here’s what movies you can expect to spend your money on this year.


“Proud Mary” Starring Taraji P. Henson & Danny Glover

Taraji P. Henson plays a Boston-based hit-woman (which is nothing new to her if you saw the 2006 film “Smokin Aces) who’s professional live takes a turn after coming across a young boy. Danny Glover also stars in this action flick which should kick off the year in a good way for Henson.

Catch it in theaters January 12th.

Den Of Thieves Starring 50 Cent, Gerald Butler & Oshea Jackson, Jr

50 Cent returns to the big screen as a member of a bank robbery crew who looks to accomplish the biggest heist in history. Gerald Butler plays a member of an elite group of LA County Sheriffs who will attempt to stop them. Plot twist: Their lives are connected in some way.

Get ready for this thrill ride January 19th.

Mom & Dad Starring Nicholas Cage

Have you ever wanted to kill your kids? Ok, I know that sounds bad but in this flick starring Nicholas Cage, these parents try to do just that for 24 hours. Please don’t get any ideas.

This film hits theaters January 19th.

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