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Source: Epic Games / Epic Games

Since its release last week, Fortnite’s Playground Mode got off to a very shaky start resulting in it being quickly snatched down. Epic Games has been keeping fans in the loop with updates as to when Playground Mode will return. We are happy to report, it has begun to roll out but in specific regions.


If you live in Asia, Oceania, and Brazil the Playground LTM is active right now for you to take part in. Don’t worry US Fortnite players you can play too. Since the mode is being rolled back out gradually, if you want to play you will have to take specific steps until its global launch. Here is how you can get in on the action:

  • Login into your Fortnite game as usual and go to the settings option.
  • Once in the settings tab, click on the ‘matchmaking region’ option.
  • Change your location to either Asia or Oceania and boom Playground Mode should be available.

If you don’t see Playground Mode yet after going through the steps, don’t panic a simple restart of the game should fix that issue. The limited event allows players to join up to three free friends for an hour of free-play. You can practice your building or your shooting skills on your friends, and yes friendly fire mode is turned on. So don’t hesitate to use your friends as target practice in while playing. The storm doesn’t begin to close in for 55m and takes an additional 5 minutes to close in.

If you happen to die, you will respawn immediately after putting your right back in the game. If you get killed by the storm, you will not be able to respawn. So go ahead and start building, improving your accuracy and shooting those movies. Remember this mode is only around for a limited time.

Photo: Epic Games

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