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Sleazy J is a married man now, but his scandalous ways are still haunting him. Stevie J’s 20-year-old ex-fling Misha Perry is spilling the details on her relationship with the reality star and how he is ignoring both her and his 7th child on the way.

Uh oh, Faith might be having some second thoughts about those matching tattoos.

Misha Perry opened up to Hollywood Life exclusively telling the website in an interview revealing how they met and all the drama that eventually led up to Stevie J now acting like she doesn’t even exist to him. Perry, a Las Vegas resident, outed the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star in a post showing off a sonogram photo of the unborn child. The caption indicates the self-proclaimed “good guy” is the dad and even gives the baby his last name she states: “Harmony Jordan 👶🏽💕 I can’t wait to be your mother. #leaveittostevie #steviej.”

This doesn’t seem to be a baseless claim either because Perry showed up with the receipts in the form of text messages exchanged between both her and Jordan.  As far as how this relationship came to be in the first place Perry revealed:

“I met Stevie on Instagram, he contacted me around May 2017. He contacted me over texts and social media. He kept asking me to come see him and be with him. Eventually, I visited Atlanta and went to see him, and the first day he was like, ‘I just want you to be my girl, I want you to be with me, come stay with me, live with me.”

Perry reveals things started going wrong between her and Stevie J when his youngest daughter Bonnie Bella came to visit. She spoke about that stating:

“So I ended up going to New York with my homegirl and while we were out, he and I had a very heated argument which ended our relationship. Then I never really went back to his house because I knew it would’ve gotten worse.” Misha says they kept on arguing and that “He turned into a whole different person and I didn’t like that.”

She broke down how things really deteriorated between the two once she found out she was pregnant. Perry broke down how Jordan ignored and shunned her when she reached out to him.

Two months later I found out I was pregnant so I contacted him but he didn’t respond because at this point he didn’t want to talk to me anymore. Then I contacted one of his children to let them know what’s going on and they responded, ‘Well, that’s between you and my dad.’” Misha tells us. “I’ve tried to contact him several times about it. He doesn’t really respond or if he does respond it’s in a negative way, like, ‘Don’t f**king call me.’”

In the interview, Perry claims she is not out for Stevie’s money but would welcome child support, but all she wants from Jordan is for him to step up and be a father to their child. Add this to growing list of problems surfacing since he and Evans announced they jumped over the broom. There is still time to reconsider this marriage Faith just saying.

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