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Trump’s buffoons, Diamond and Silk, are still whining about their Facebook traffic. Now, they claim they are living under Jim Crow because they don’t have enough likes and followers. Fix it, Jesus.

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The two, whose real names are Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, appeared on Fox and Friends and babbled about some mess.

“I call this the new Jim Crow day,” Diamond said. “Back in the day you were discriminated based on the color of your skin. Now you’re being discriminated against based on the color of your politics. This is the new Jim Crow….they’re weaponizing their platforms with algorithms to suppress the voices of conservatives.” See below:

We’ve explained this before, but we’ll try again.

Diamond and Silk are not being banned or censored. Either they are lying or they didn’t understand that Facebook’s algorithm changed and affected everyone — from major news outlets to blogs. The algorithm change was a national conversation in the tech community. ThinkProgress reported:

Data from Crowdtangle, a social media analytics platform owned by Facebook, show that total interactions on Diamond and Silk’s Facebook page were steady. The “total interactions” metric covers the total number of reactions, comments, and shares of content posted to the page. Diamond and Silk’s Facebook page actually received more total interactions in March 2018 (1,088,000), when they were supposedly being censored, than in March 2017 (1,060,000). Diamond and Silk received more interactions in January 2018 (1,328,000), when they began complaining about censorship, than in any month the previous year.”


When you compare Diamond and Silk’s total interactions to liberal-leaning pages that also frequently post video content. From March 2017 to March 2018, the total interactions on the Rachel Maddow Show page, went from 3.3 million to 1.6 million. Rachel Maddow hosts the most widely watched cable news show in America, and her page has 2.6 million fans to Diamond and Silk’s 1.2 million. Over the same time period, on the Facebook page of The Young Turks, perhaps the most popular independent provider of liberal videos online, total interactions declined from 2.3 million to 760,000. Meanwhile, interactions on Mic’s Facebook page, a left-leaning publisher with 3.8 million Facebook fans, plummeted from 8.9 million to 475,000. …  Over the last year, views of original videos posted to Rachel Maddow’s Facebook page have declined from 6 million to 1.2 million. Diamond and Silk’s video views have declined from 4.1 million to 1.8 million. In other words, Diamond and Silk videos now get more video views on Facebook than Rachel Maddow, even though Maddow’s show has a much larger page and is the most popular cable news program in the country.”

Hardaway and Richardson have no concept of Jim Crow. But if this were 30 years ago, they would probably be the first ones to jump in blackface.


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