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The white Brooklyn woman who called the police falsely accused a 9-year-old Black boy of groping her is now apologizing for her actions.

Teresa Klein, aka #CornerstoreCaroline, recently told Brooklyn News 12 that she made a mistake.

“I was wrong,” she said. “The child accidentally brushed against me. Young man, I don’t know your name but I’m sorry.”

Klein issued this apology after watching surveillance footage that showed the child’s backpack brushing up against her backside — his hands in plain sight — as she leaned over a Brooklyn deli counter, CNN reported.

Locals weren’t that moved by her sudden change of heart.

“Apology. That’s all we get, man. We’re tired of getting disrespected and get an apology. Apology doesn’t solve people’s problems,” one man told the news.
He told another man, “If it was you, you would have been incarcerated right now.”

As many of you know, this nonsense started last Wednesday when a viral video caught Klein doing the absolute most in front of a Brooklyn bodega, calling the police.

“I was just sexually assaulted by a child,” Klein said on the video, appearing to be on the phone with a 911 operator.

Folks took notice of what was happening and rallied around the young man, including his own mother. Apparently, this angered Klein.

“The son grabbed my ass, and she decided to yell at me,” Klein says in the video, referring to the child’s mother.

Now, what’s interesting is that Brooklyn claim they have no record of any 911 calls being made from the deli when Klein claims to have called.

In the meantime, more than 550 people have donated over $15K to the young boy via GoFundMe, while Klein claims she has gotten death threats since the incident.


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