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The power of the Internet has struck again, and this time, Netflix was it’s victim. False reports have been spreading all month long that the streaming service would be getting rid of Friends as of January 1, 2019. But as we all know, Friends fans will do anything to keep Chandler, Ross, Rachel and the rest of the crew on air as long as humanly possible.

According to Entertainment Weekly, “A petition was even launched begging Netflix to keep the title, calling its removal “unfair, unacceptable and downright inhumane.”

Although Netflix had no intention on getting rid of the popular show, they must’ve got wind of the backlash, because the following day it was reported that the streaming service paid $100 million to keep Friends throughout 2019.

EW added, “Netflix bought the rights to Friends back in 2014 in a massive deal, shelling out $118 million for the rights for all 10 seasons of the former NBC series. Plus the service digitally remastered every episode for HD streaming. Netflix introduced Friends to a new generation where it became popular all over again as a dose of ’90s nostalgia.”

But is it just us, or are there far better shows out there that would probably cost much less than Friends and bring in twice as many viewers? The service has also been criticized for getting rid of content that were predominantly geared toward people of color. @AlsWulf tweeted, “Netflix out here dropping amazing shows that have a positive impact on the minority community like The Get Down due to it being “too expensive”, but drop $100mil on Friends because a certain demographic complained.”

@CandaceJeanne also brought up a great point. She wrote, “Dearest @Netflix: Think of all the projects from women, people of color, LGBTQ folks and more that you could fund with that additional $60 million. (I mean, I don’t know how much it costs to make a show but I’m gonna guess it’s at least more than one.)”

If Netflix knew what was good for them, they’d listen to millenials and POC — a.k.a. their central audience —about what content folks would like to see on the service. So we put together a list, just in case they need some help. Hit the flip to check it out. And if we missed anything, share your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook.

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