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Rough sex. It’s a favorited form of erotic expression for many. The feverish act of placing as much force as possible into a stroke allows one to lose themselves in ecstasy. The reception of that power is an instant level up for an erection, causing blood to rush into the penis like racehorses towards the finish line.

Hard erections are the foundation of pleasurable, penetrative sex, but hard penises must beware the dangers of rough play gone wrong. When the bottom is asked to reverse the role and take control to “ride on top” or “throw it back”, the penis is posed with a pleasurable threat — one that could manifest as orgasmic bliss, or one that could result in a painful trip to the emergency room. Yes, penises are resilient when erect, but the underlying tissues that support erect penises can most definitely tear just like the other supportive tissues in the body. Porn makes hard pumping and wild dick riding look so effortless and painless, but don’t be bamboozled by editing and professional skill. The wrong move executed in real life can cause a world of pain, and a few weeks of recovery.

Penises can break, or rather, the protective, rubbery sheath underneath the skin called the tunica albuginea can. This layer of the penis surrounds the corpus cavernosa (erectile tissue) and is directly responsible for maintaining penile erection. Sometimes, impact to the penis is so traumatic that the erectile tissue and urethra can also become damaged, causing a deeper medical emergency. Rough sex performed recklessly while solo or with a partner — or impact positions performed incorrectly — can cause some pretty serious damage. Sometimes, permanent scars resulting from the break can have a negative impact on urination and maintaining erections.

So what are the signs of a penile fracture? How will you know if you’ve experienced a tear in your tissues? According to, symptoms of a penile fracture after experiencing severe impact can include: an audible snapping or popping sound, sudden loss of erection, severe pain following the injury, dark bruising above the injured area, bent penis, blood leaking from the penis and/or difficulty with urination. The impact of heavy blows may not always show up as a dramatic scene of blood gushing out of your penis, but it can be felt within your tissues.

To prevent any damage to the body while in erotic play, it’s best to take precautions when using positions or movements that place the penis at risk for high impact. The most common positions that cause penile fractures when executed incorrectly is “woman on top” (cowgirl) position and everyone’s favorite “rear entry” or doggy style positions. The two positions place the receiver in control of the stroking force, and when the penis misses the point of entry for the vagina or the anus, danger is emanate. When the penis impacts the pelvic bone at full speed, heavy tension is placed on the tunica albuginea that can cause a tear.

When using doggy style as a position, make sure to control the force and rhythm of the stroke to prevent pelvic clashing. Getting into a steady rhythm where both bodies are working together to receive pleasure reduces the chances of missing the point of penetration. Holding on to the hips while in doggy and using middle and deep strokes can help prevent penile fractures. Using long strokes and exiting the vagina or anus every time increases one’s chances of missing the point of entry.

In cowgirl position, the woman on top must have the proper skills to prevent penile injury. Coming down with too much force onto the penis and scooting forward with too much force can lead to penile discomfort and eventually fracture. Helping her get into the proper position when on top and using positions that reduce error (like using the couch to create a better angle for you to penetrate) help to prevent injury during rough play. So go ahead! Be as rough as you would like, with your partner’s consent of course. Just remember to play safely and take it slow from time to time. Force doesn’t have to be fast. Rough and slow is just as pleasurable.


Glamazon Tyomi is CASSIUS’ resident sexpert. Follow her at @GlamazonTyomi.

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