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Sad news for Tiny Harris! Late last night her car was broken into and $750,000 worth of jewelry was stolen out her Lamborghini. She was getting her drink on with her friend and she had told her friend to get some things from the vehicle. Amongst the things stolen from the Lambo, her wedding jewelry dipped too! We all know that hit Tiny hard.  Although there was no forced entry, ATL police are investigating.


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If you remember on Basketball Wives, Evelyn Lozada and OG have been beefing-beefing and Lozada took it to the next level…the court of law.  OG called her out on a lot of things and Evelyn did not say much to a lot of what was thrown at her, but she’s not letting OG play with her money. Allegedly,

Evelyn is suing OG for defamation for calling her a “racist bigot” on Instagram, claiming she lost out on several endorsement deals because of it. She even went as far as saying it caused emotional distress. We’ll see how this plays out.



We all know R. Kelly is in fedreal prison for several sexual crimes. He’s been a flight risk and that he is allegedly threatened witnesses in previous cases. Welp I guess you can’t teach a dog old tricks because he sent a letter to a woman to someone they call Jane Doe. They call her that because she wants her identity protected. He sent a hand written letter threatening her and intimidating her not to take him to civil court. That would be my whew chile but Kanye is being…Kanye

Kanye had his Sunday service in Utah this past weekend and decided to talk his talk. We told y’all we weren’t too sure about how all because he remixed some gospel songs does not mean he changed. Look at the clip and be the verdict of this mess. He said Abraham Lincoln was a part of the Whig Party which was the Republican Party that freed slaves.  He also went on to say we called him all kind of koons for him being a Republican…boy if you don’t sit down! He is obviously missing the point. Nene what is it?