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Casanova 2X is no stranger to the Quick Silva Show. The Roc Nation rapper stopped by to talk about his newest project. The album is titled “Behind These Scars.”

He talked about the process of creating this album and how he wanted to make an open album about where his scars and pain comes from in his life. It’s no secret that Casanova has been through his share of life trials. Cas talked about how his label told him every song couldn’t be about pain and sorrow so he added a couple of bops like his new single with Chris Brown “Coming Home.”

Casanova also told us about becoming a viral sensation! He started his so Brooklyn challenge never imagine that it would take off and he eventually started to see it pop up in every city.   Now the best of the best in every city is spitting bars to the instrumental.

As raps about his pain, he’s been open about his struggles in his music. He’s been just as open about recently going to therapy. He says that he’d almost rather speak to a therapist than his boys because it’s a judgment-free zone.

He also let the Queen of Lemonade know if the 2X in his name stands for the women he has a taste for plus size women and well his answer was interesting… Watch the full interview to see everything we talking about.