Tonight we have the current Champion Radio Mari (@call.memari) with his song “Wave” verses the new challenger, Zay Blaze (@zayisdead)  “Discrete”. As always song with most votes win, and the only way to vote is to call 202-432-WKYS at 8pm when you’ve heard both songs played. Make sure to tune in and let me know which you got.

Submit Song to

  • The song must be clean and radio-ready
  • Must include contact information and social media handles
  • Little Bacon Bear will play 93 seconds of two local DMV artist back-to-back
  • Listeners call in and vote for the song they feel should win
  • The song with the most votes gets played the next night and faces a new challenger
  • If your song gets 5 consecutive wins it gets retired and the artist gets an interview with Bacon Bear and will be featured on KYSDC.COM
  • 93.9 WKYS Listen Live Banner

KYS Verses runs Monday – Thursday during the 8pm hour on 93.9 WKYS, KYSDC.Com or Download Our Official App!

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