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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Honey Pot Company has been in the news a lot lately, thanks to racist trolls were triggered by a Target commercial that featured owner Bea Dixon—and began barraging Trustpilot and Target with negative reviews in an attempt to get the product booted. The complaint that these idiots people had, was that Dixon was racist because she simply said she hoped to inspire young Black girls who wanted to go into business.

The audacity!

But instead of focus on that foolishness, I wanted to bring it back to the actual products and how they have been helping my for nearly a half-decade. See, I discovered the Honey Pot in 2015. It was at AfroPunk in Brooklyn, and they were one of several vendors. The products caught my eye and I ended up purchasing the feminine care wash. I was hooked. It wasn’t as easy to find Honey Pot then as it is now, but I made it a point to support the business whenever I could. What I loved was that it was PH Balanced, plant-based and paraben-free unlike a lot of feminine care products.

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As someone who has experienced bacterial vaginosis (BV)—which is when the natural ph of your vagina is imbalanced due to overgrowth of natural bacteria, and can cause discomfort and odor. BV isn’t an STD or STI, and there’s generally a lot of misinformation out there about it. In my case, I didn’t even know BV existed and confused it with a yeast infection, for example, until I saw my gynecologist. It also didn’t help that I used traditional soap on my vagina, which is a no-no but again, I didn’t have the right information. So it was refreshing to find feminine care products that actually seemed healthy and founded by a woman who had also experienced BV in her lifetime (most, if not all, women will). It was amazing to watch the brand’s growth and I was excited for Bea when I discovered that her products were being sold in Target, Whole Foods and nearly 1500 stores across the country. It’s hard for small businesses to get larger funding and recognition, especially Black women-owned businesses, but here we are and $20 million a year in sales later.

Honey Pot Target Commercial

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So far, I have tried the Honey Pot Company Sensitive Wash ($9.99), which is 99% natural and has a PH of 3.5-4.5, as well as the Honey Pot Company Sensitive Wipes ($9.99) (my go to is always for sensitive skin). The wash contains a fusion of herbal goodness such as lavender, Calendula, colloidal silver, and apple cider vinegar as key ingredients for cleansing and balance. The scent is light and floral and it cleanses gently without disturbing the balance your flora because it’s soap free. Plus, there’s a cute little story on the side of the bottle about how Dixon was given the recipe in a dream by an ancestor.


The wipes are similar to the wash, just in cloth form, and while they are labeled as for feminine care, you can use them all over, which is what I do. I use them after working out and even in humid New York City summers when I feel like I need a refresh. Everything about this brand is mild and gentle so you don’t have to worry about over-drying your skin or breaking out.


Another bonus is that it’s affordable. Prices range from $8.00 to $20.00, with sets being on the higher end of that range and while I can’t speak for the menstrual products, I can say that the wash and wipes could last for up to a month.

That, they have a wide-range of products includes the Overnight Herbal-infused Pads With Wings, Organic tampons, body balm, refreshing spray, and herbal-infused postpartum products (pads and soothing cleansers).



Over the years, the Honey Pot Company has done a great job earning my trust. If I wasn’t such a fan of period panties, I would try their pads and tampons too, but I will eventually because why not! The brand’s tagline is that it was “made for people with vaginas, for people with vaginas,” and it shows. I love that even with the company’s expansion it still seems to keep its integrity, so I will continue rocking with them from now on.

As much as I loved the Honey Pot Company, I was never motivated enough to go online and leave reviews until yesterday. I should have left a five-star rating a long time ago so consider that done now. The circumstances under which I’m writing this review are annoying, but better late than never.

If you are hesitant about the Honey Pot Company, now is the time to try their products.


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