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Tysha White's Suri Growth Essentials

Source: Tysha White / Tysha White

It’s a beautiful time to be an entrepreneur. Now more than ever, Black women have been able to create a product, and use social media or word of mouth as a way to market their brand. Left and right, women of color are leaving the traditional work-life behind and exploring what it means to be their own boss. Because of this, it is extremely important to pour back into our community by supporting black-owned, women-owned businesses.

One of the most profitable markets for women of color is the hair care industry, which should come as no surprise given we take our weaves, braids, and natural hair very seriously. Beyond the self-expression that lies behind each style, is the pride we feel when we can flaunt our healthy, natural (or permed) hair. In honor of Women’s History Month this March, I interviewed three entrepreneurs who started their own business in the haircare industry.

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Next up is blogger and mother of two, Tysha White who launched her business Suri’s Growth Essentials in February of 2020. Although this was a new venture for her, it was long in the making.

“I created the original formula for our Growth Serum in 2014 after a bad dye job broke my hair off in the back,” White told HelloBeautiful.

“Originally, I used the product myself and I created it for close friends, my children and boyfriend, who use it for his hair and beard. I didn’t think about starting a hair care line until 2018 when a friend asked me to bottle up my hair serum. I developed our beard oil in 2019!” she continued.

Tysha White's Suri Growth Essentials

Source: Tysha White / Tysha White

Although her products have been on the market for a little over a month, the buzz has been major with her currently offering three products: The Orginal Growth Serum ($20.00), Extra-Strength Growth Serum ($25.00), and Growth Serum-Beard Oil ($20.00) for the fellas.

White stressed that each formula was specifically created to promote healthy hair.

“My products help grow and nourish hair by stimulating the hair follicles and keeping the scalp clean to promote healthy hair and growth. Our formula also calms the senses reducing stress which can also cause hair loss,” she said, adding, “Our extra strength oil has the same benefits as the original but it is designed for people with extreme hair loss, whether it be postpartum hair loss, stress-induced, or alopecia. Our extra strength is a blend of Ayurvedic oils which strengthens and thickens your hair.”



White told us that she was inspired by the businesses and products the preceded her. For her, there’s no such thing as competition.

“I pay attention to the black hair care made before mine and I follow their blueprint to achieve my own success. I did a lot of research before starting my haircare line. I studied the brands that I use and became more inspired to start my own movement. I don’t think about how oversaturated the industry is because that just means that there is something for everyone,” she said.

Adding, “I’m a mother, with two children with beautiful natural hair, so a consumer may use my product simply because she’s a mother with children who also have natural hair. We all add something to the industry, even if we are selling the same product, each one is unique because we all bring our own special qualities to these products.”

Tysha White's Suri Growth Essentials

Source: Tysha White / Tysha White

If you’ve been thinking about launching your own business, Tysha has some advice for you: “Just do it!

“I’m a fashion and entertainment writer first, so coming into the hair industry I was a bit hesitant because I didn’t want people to think that I was turning my back on writing. I was nervous about stepping into an industry that people aren’t used to me being in. But, we have so many talents and we would be selling ourselves short if we didn’t try! Do whatever it is that you desire, fall, get back up, research, and try again! You cannot fail, especially if you love what you do!” she shared.

Supporting black-owned, women-owned businesses create a blueprint that empowers the rest of our peers. It’s great to highlight entrepreneurs who are already in target, but what about the ones who are on their way there?

You can follow Tysha on Instagram @SuriGrowthEssentials, and you can learn more about her business at


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