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The Coronavirus has made it hard for many businesses to stay alive. Unfortunately it has been reported that Lucky Strike in Gallery Place has closed for good!


This statement was posted on the official Lucky Strike website “Due to government mandates and the desire to keep our Employees and Guests safe, we have closed all Lucky Strike’s until further notice. We look forward to reopening our doors soon and welcoming you back! Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay positive.” This shows hope but D.C. is not listed as one of their locations on the site!

So many events and gatherings have occurred at Lucky Strike, those lanes in Gallery Place hold a lot of memories! Personally, the last two times I was there was for our Radio One D.C. Bowling for Boobies event and The Washington Wizards’ Ballers & Bowling event. Also with my family, we go bowling pretty often so it definitely has me thinking in general, will bowling alleys be able to last in our post coronavirus world? Eventhough bowling isn’t a team sport and can be played individually there is still a lot of sharing. With the same shoes and balls being used over and over, yes they disinfect buuuut…

It will be interesting to see what happens. Relive our fun event to raise money for breast cancer research with special guest Tokyo Toni.

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