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Juneteenth which is a shortened version for “June the 19th” has been celebrated for years within our Black community. Also known as Emancipation Day or Freedom Day, this day is extremely important to us but others may not understand or see it in that way. Today, Virginia Governor Northam announced that June 19th will from now on be a paid holiday for Virginia.

Virginia is only the second state to view Juneteenth as a paid holiday. “It’s time we elevate this. Not just a celebration by and for some Virginians but one acknowledged and celebrated by all of us because that’s how important this event is” Gov. Northam shared during his press conference where he was also joined by Pharrell Williams. Pharrell shares that this is a very, very special moment and a display of progress, “Finally we recognize that Black Lives Absolutely Matter”. See Pharrell’s full speech below…

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