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When I heard there was a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Obeng, of MiKO Plastic Surgery, offering to do a procedure on Tessica Brown, a.k.a Gorilla Glue girl, that would ultimately free her scalp of the industrial adhesive she sprayed on it in, I was convinced there was no way possible to salvage the TikToker’s molded tresses. Fast-forward to this morning and Brown is able to run her fingers through her hair.

MUST READ: The Glue Is Gone! Tessica Brown’s Hair Is Back After Hours Long Procedure

Whether you believe Brown was clout-chasing or simply made a mistake substituting her usual Got 2 B hairspray, one thing is for sure Dr. Michael Obeng is a miracle-worker and deserves all the praise. The Harvard trained and board-certified surgeon used his chemistry background to develop a concoction of medical grade glue remover, aloe vera, acetone and olive oil that would break down the main ingredient in Gorilla Glue – polyurethane.

Dr. Obeng recreated Brown’s matted hair on a mannequin in his office and applied his mixture. Eureka! What would usually be a $12,500 procedure was done for free and what remained of Brown’s hair was saved.

TMZ captured footage inside the operating room, which shows Dr. Obeng working the magic potion into Brown’s hair and eventually Brown being able to touch her scalp.

The Ghanian-born surgeon came to America with $200 to attend Midwestern State University for undergrad. He eventually graduated with a degree is chemistry. He went on to attend University of Texas Medical School where he graduated with his M.D. degree. From there, he He received a fellowship to Harvard Medical School.

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This isn’t the first time Obeng made headlines for his work. In 2018, he performed forehead reduction surgery. And in 2019, he performed rib removal surgery on “the human Ken doll.” He was also the recipient of an NAACP Humanitarian Award for his non-profit organization R.E.S.T.O.R.E.

Salute this man.


The Glue Is Gone! Tessica Brown’s Hair Is Back After Hours Long Procedure

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