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Artists are used to interviews but not necessarily being the one who asks the questions. Check out this one-of-a-kind interview with the City Girls conducted by the one and only Megan Thee Stallion! Some of the questions asked were;

MEGAN THEE STALLION: My first question is, people think they know Miami from their vacations or what they see in movies or on TV. Tell me about your Miami.

JT: The Miami I grew up in has no palm trees. It’s hood. It’s fun and all that, but it’s not beaches and it’s not what you see on Miami Vice. It’s more like corner stores and projects.

YUNG MIAMI: Yeah, what JT said. It’s way more realistic than what y’all see in the movies.

MEGAN THEE STALLION: Can you talk about how Miami has influenced you? What elements of the city do you draw inspiration from for your music?

JT: The struggle, the fast life, the stealing. Growing up around my mom and auntie, they were always talking to men for money. I’ve never seen my mom in a real relationship. I’m not trying to throw her under the bus, but my momma was always about her money. My auntie was always about her money. That’s what I grew up around, that type of life, the stealing and hustling. That’s where the influence comes from in the music, besides growing up in the Slip-N-Slide Records era, when we had the raunchy music with Trick Daddy and Trina. That’s all we really know.

YUNG MIAMI: I’m from Opa-Locka. The stuff that I saw growing up were shootings. My momma used to steal. My daddy was selling drugs. My mom used to sell clothes for us to get by. She’d just steal clothes and sell them. That was basically my upbringing, just growing up in the struggle.

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