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In an in-depth conversation with RadioFacts.com, DJ Quicksilva talks about his life and how he got to the level he’s at now. After being shot, paralyzed, and losing his parents by the time he was 18 years old, he has gone on to be one of the most successful juggernauts in the game as an award-winning celebrity DJ, on-air personality, philanthropist, and serial entrepreneur.

Being half of our favorite dynamic duo on The Quicksilva Show with Dominique Da Diva, DJ QuickSilva takes us into his other ventures outside of the hit syndicated show. He gives insight on touring the world as a celebrity DJ, teaching aspiring DJs how to rock a party with the Quick & Eazy DJ Academy, running his nightclub, giving a daily dose of inspirational vitamins to the mentally malnourished, and just being a dedicated family man to his 2 children and wife.

DARF was able to catch up with the man of many talents to talk about his journey, illustrious career, hustle, future plans, and so much more. Watch their interview to learn more about DJ Quicksilva and find out why the movie “Beat Street” started it all.

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