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We’re halfway thru the year! It’s time to Focus!

Today’s Motivational Moment is pulled from the devotional called “Find a Place to Focus”. Transformation is defined as a process of profound change in character, condition, or composition. In Romans 12, Paul urges us to let God transform us, to allow His spirit to renew our minds. That renewal is an ongoing process, an intentional activity where we remove ourselves from the distractions and influences that surround us every day, just as Jesus modeled for us. 

It’s important to find someplace quiet where we can realign our hearts and minds to what God is doing. Where do you focus best? Nestled in a corner of your kitchen with a cup of coffee? Out for a run, listening to worship music? Find somewhere that makes you feel close to God. Then make it a habit to get in that space daily to refocus your mind on Him. Check out Luke 5:16

“But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.”

“Time to Focus” – Motivational Moment  was originally published on praisedc.com

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