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After disturbing video of a woman being attacked and pushed off a DC Metrobus, The DMV was concerned but at the same time confused. Why were these teens physically removing her from the bus? Why was no one else on the bus helping her? What was the bus driver doing? Jackie Paige brought this situation to the airways during her girl talk segment to see if there was some clarification that could come from this viral video. Listen to their responses in the clip below…

Soon Fox5 got the exclusive interview with the woman who was attacked on the bus. Her name is Kyla Thurston and she hopes that what happened to her will compel Metro officials to find a way to keep the same thing from happening to anyone else.

Wednesday, Kyla Thurston gave details how this all started after she gave up her seat on the bus to a young woman who came on with her young children. Thurston asked the group of teens who were sitting nearby to stop using foul language “At that point, the kids became unruly.”

“They started being disrespectful, like saying things to me,” Thurston continued. “Then next thing you know, there were objects being throw at me, and I was just like, ‘Thank You, Lord,’ because throughout the whole incident the only thing I could recall was the kids hitting me and kicking me – and I had no defense.”


As stated earlier and as many of the callers during Jackie Paige’s asked, what was the bus driver doing during all of this?! Thurston said during her interview that she asked the bus driver numerous times to stop, but the bus kept moving. “The bus driver made no attempt to stop the bus. He didn’t alert local authorities or anything to my defense,” she said. “Even after I’m yelling at the top of my lungs, ‘Stop the bus – let me off the bus,’ the bus driver never stopped.” It wasn’t until the next routine bus stop came up that the bus stopped and that’s when we see in the video Thurston being kicked and pushed off the bus by the group of teens.

Kyla Thurston is now not only suffering emotionally but she has bruises on her arms and neck from this assault. She tells Fox5 that she will be speaking with a Metro Transit Police investigator soon but this attack won’t stop her from riding the bus again. “I’m going to continue riding Metro because – like I said – I don’t fear nobody but God.”

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