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Montgomery County authorities have apprehended an individual accused of secretly recording a couple’s private moment using a concealed camera within a Silver Spring Airbnb last August. The arrested person, Larry Goisse, 39, is now facing multiple charges related to invasion of privacy. According to investigators, the couple traveled from Texas for a retreat at a residence on Dale Street.

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The couple became suspicious when they noticed a “white flashing light” emanating from a smoke detector. Their attorney, Dan Whitney Jr., revealed that they promptly reported the discovery to the police. Subsequent investigations uncovered several cameras positioned throughout the house. Shockingly, one of these cameras had captured an intimate scene involving the couple.

Whitney expressed the clients’ profound distress, fearing that their intimate moment might be exploited online. He conveyed, “It’s a deeply distressing situation. People often think something like this will never happen to them until it does, and by then, it’s too late.” Detectives also located footage of Goisse on his computer, along with recordings from the smoke detector cameras.

source: The DMV Daily

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