Here's Tips On How To Travel Smart With Type 1 Diabetes! Get advice from two Black Women Type 1 Diabetics. Watch here...

As if you didn’t already have enough teams for your parlays, the NBA may be expanding beyond 30 teams. The Toronto Raptors may no longer be the only franchise outside of America, with NBA commissioner Adam Silver toying with the idea of starting a Mexico City team. The NBA’s already had some experience in Mexico, […]

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been one of the deadliest battles in world history. Check out answers to your FAQs inside.  

Removing this travel restriction allows the free movement of people and trade within Africa. Rwanda now becomes...

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Kendrick Lamar is teaming up with Global Citizen to establish a concert tour circuit in African nations through his pgLang company. The first event will be a concert where he will be the headliner in Rwanda in December.

Originating in Ireland, this holiday's traditions have adapted from country to country. From Mexico to Italy, the day, attire and meaning range all over the world...

The viral "Water" dance challenge originated by South African Choreographer Litchi and has took over the world. Checkout some of our favorite attempts & see her perform live on....

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Shaun King is in the midst of a public spat between himself and the family of two recently released hostages who were captured in Israel by terrorists. The activist claimed he was behind their release, while the family denied his involvement in a statement.

Amanda Seales and her sister Nada Mays, provide a comprehensive overview of the historical events behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The post Small Doses: Personal Stories From An Afro-Palestinian appeared first on Black America Web.


WASHINGTON — President Biden is calling the attacks by Hamas on Israel “an act of sheer evil.” While speaking from the White House, Biden said more than 1,000 civilians have been “slaughtered” in Israel since Saturday, when the terrorist group launched a surprise attack. At least 14 American citizens have been killed, and some American […] The post President Biden Speaks About Situation in Israel appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.

It’s been a week since Burna Boy released his 8th album “I Told Them…” and the world is definitely feeling the vibes! The African Giant has continued to grow his audience throughout his musical career. Living Up To His Name As The African Giant, Burna Boy Becomes First African Artist To Sell Out U.S. Stadium […]

Members from Montgomery County's Urban Search and Rescue Maryland Task Force One are en route to assist with the destructive wildfires on the Hawaiian island of Maui.