The Morning Hustle

French Montana and 50 Cent have been feuding for the past few weeks over money, capping and a lot of egotistical d*** swinging. French has taken things to another level because he posted a massive spoiler to this past week’s episode of Power. We’re sure French was doing this to upset and troll 50 Cent […]

Next Monday, a new nationally syndicated radio show will hit the daytime airwaves featuring some familiar faves. The Morning Hustle show will feature Headkrack, Angie Ange and more. Joining Headkrak and Angie Ange on this exciting new journey will be OnAir Jordan, Lore’l, and Billy Sorrells. Savvy fans might remember Headkrack from his time on […]

December 4th is Jay-Z’s birthday and known as JAY DAY! Michael Eric Dyson calls into The Morning Hustle to talk about the legend and his new book “Jay-Z: Made in America”. “He’s the Tom Brady and LeBron James of this art form” Michael expresses to the morning show crew, “I wanted to celebrate his Longevity, […]

Looks like Remy Ma beat those charges like Rocky. Today (Dec. 2), a judged dropped all the charges the Bronx rapper was facing for allegedly putting hands on her ex-Love & Hip Hop co-star, Brittney Taylor. According to TMZ, it came down to a case of prosecutors not having enough evidence to prove beyond a […]

  December 1st was World AIDs day and The Morning Hustle wanted to share sin be facts to bring the needed continuous awareness within our community. Please listen to full video above. Find out more about where you can get tested and treatment for AIDs and HIV.

Markuann Smith speaks with Angie Ange about the 18-year journey it’s been to get the “Godfather of Harlem” series out to the public. After so many nos, who wouldn’t think to give up? But Markuann made a promise to a lady he is happy to call his Godmother, Margret Johnson, “She use to tell me […]

Nothing But Good Times When Pardi and Lore’l Get Together!   Pardison Fontaine’s new album, well mixtape, not quite…umm what do you want us to call it Pardi? “The Project… The Project!” Pardison clarifies during his interview with Lore’l on The Morning Hustle. They talk about their favorite tracks on “Under8ed”, new collaborations, S.O.B.’s performance and […]

This weeks who’s cappin is coming a little early, unlike Summer Walker. Summer Walker receives the honor for being over 3 hours late for her performance in Toronto, Canada. Supposedly she was hanging out with Drake. DrrraAAakkkeeee??? Yes, Drake. See how Lore’l tries to explain and understand this very confusing situation. See More here: […]

Butt Sunbathing Is The Newest Wellness Trend BUT Ummm… We’ve all heard of or some have even tried sunbathing or tanning BUT have you heard of “Perineum Sunning”? What’s that? Well basically butthole tanning. Meagan, an Instagram influencer from California, claims that since she started letting the sun in through her rear end, she’s had […]

Our white house correspondent Geoff Bennett checks in to give us an update on impeachment and what will happen while they are on break for Thanksgiving. He also shares what happened with all the money promised to HBCUs and other institutions that serve people of color. Angie encourages again to “get out and vote”, we […]

Los Angeles Clippers player Patrick Patterson is in hot water after a previous comment regarding his dating preference resurfaced. After posting a picture of himself with his wife, Sarah Nassar, accompanied by a heartfelt caption on his Instagram for the couple’s anniversary, Patterson was forced to issue an apology after he made a comment during a […]

The Lo’ Down with Lore’l: Bill Cosby Speaks From Behind Bars Black Press USA interviewed Bill Cosby while he is serving his sentence in prison. Says he’s living in luxury…