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Looks like Remy Ma beat those charges like Rocky. Today (Dec. 2), a judged dropped all the charges the Bronx rapper was facing for allegedly putting hands on her ex-Love & Hip Hop co-star, Brittney Taylor. According to TMZ, it came down to a case of prosecutors not having enough evidence to prove beyond a […]

Nothing But Good Times When Pardi and Lore’l Get Together!   Pardison Fontaine’s new album, well mixtape, not quite…umm what do you want us to call it Pardi? “The Project… The Project!” Pardison clarifies during his interview with Lore’l on The Morning Hustle. They talk about their favorite tracks on “Under8ed”, new collaborations, S.O.B.’s performance and […]

This weeks who’s cappin is coming a little early, unlike Summer Walker. Summer Walker receives the honor for being over 3 hours late for her performance in Toronto, Canada. Supposedly she was hanging out with Drake. DrrraAAakkkeeee??? Yes, Drake. See how Lore’l tries to explain and understand this very confusing situation. See More here: […]

The Lo’ Down with Lore’l: Bill Cosby Speaks From Behind Bars Black Press USA interviewed Bill Cosby while he is serving his sentence in prison. Says he’s living in luxury…

After bringing in his birthday in a big way French Montana is counting his every breath. He reportedly had a serious health scare this week. As spotted on Complex the Bronx MC was hospitalized due to cardiac issues but the discovery was far from standard. According to the report police arrived at his Los Angeles […]

Who’s Cappin?! People Magazine, That’s Who!   What’s sexy or not can always be debatable but it seems like this year’s selection for People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” has a lot of people very confused, including Lore’l. This week she gives “who’s cappin” to People for just not making the right choice. Watcjh the full […]

Yesterday Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly were guests on The View. This appearance caused a lot of uproar with the ladies on the show and Lore’l. So you already know who she had to give “Who’s Cappin'” to…Donald Trump Jr. come on down! And bring your whole family with you too! See the full interview […]

Jordan’s father is Flavor Flav!! Yes, Flavor Flav recently had a baby boy with her ex-manager. Flavor Flav is 60 years old and has 7 children, the youngest and newest being 2 months old. Sheesh. Speaking of scary things, Halloween is in a few days so the parties and costumes were on display this weekend. […]

As we know Lore’l is a busy woman, balancing hosting our amazing Morning Show, The Morning Hustle, she is also a host on two podcast. Recently the Lip Service Podcast had Tank on as a guest, one snippet was released and everyone ran with it. Lore’l explains how the conversation actually started and Tank gives […]

Who’s Cappin’ this week? Lisa Raye is. After promo clips from her episode on “Uncensored” on TV ONE, there was a lot of discussion on Lisa’s husband. Lore’l gives Lisa “Who Cappin'” but not for the reason you think. Watch Full Video…    

This weekend lots of celebrities made their way into D.C. for Howard University’s Homecoming. Dave East came through and performed at Yardfest and Lore’l jokes with him that people weren’t sure if they were looking at him or Method Man. If you haven’t seen the new Hulu series Wu-Tang: An American Saga it’s definitley a […]

“It’s been a blessing but it’s definitely bittersweet” Donovan Carter expresses as he reflects back on the 5 seasons he’s been able to act on HBO’s Hit Show Ballers. He shares with Lore’l that this was his first acting job so he is extremely thankful for this experience! London Brown also shares how this show […]