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X Officially Replaces

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It took a while, but is officially dead.

The rollout for X, Elon Musk’s version of the social media platform known as Twitter, was a hot ass mess. Logging onto still worked, and sharing tweets on websites didn’t work unless you changed the x in the URL to Twitter (that still is the case.).

Today, many desktop Twitter users were surprised to see that typing now redirects them to Elon Musk’s X.

Along with the redirect, a message at the bottom of the webpage says, “We are letting you know that we are changing our URL, but your privacy and data protection settings remain the same.”

The domain transition from Twitter to now X was a weird one. Almost everything, like the platform’s official account, mobile apps, and useless premium accounts, was under the new X branding, while still worked.Of course, even though Elon Musk is still turning X into the “everything app” he has envisioned, users on X are sticking by the original name and telling Musk, “We are still gonna call it Twitter.”

The platform, formerly known as Twitter, has seen better days. Bots live in people’s mentions, porn is all over timelines, and there are way too many Cheech and Chong edible ads.

Still, as our favorite tech reviewer, Marques Brownlee, said in a post, it’s “still Twitter.”

You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

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