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Breakfast is quite an important meal and everyone in the world has their favorite stops, which range from fast-food chains, diners, sit-down joints, and everything in between. On Twitter, there is currently a debate raging on which is the better eatery between the International House of Pancakes AKA IHOP and Waffle House, and it seems to just boil down to personal preference as with all things.

The Undefeated‘s Kelly L. Carter kicked the debate off VERZUZ style by asking in a Monday night (August 9) tweet which spot was better between IHOP and Waffle House. Carter planted her flag early for the big WF by writing in the tweet caption, “Oh this is an easy one. Waffle House for sure. Y’all?” and it was off to the races.

Editor for The Athletic Khalid Salaam wrote in response, “Being honest, Waffle House only really got the pecan waffle. Granted, its delicious, but IHOP got pancake varieties galore. Plus they got chicken sausage, WF swine only. It’s a tie at best, but IHOP is sneaky better.”

In Carter’s same thread, @Forte926 added, “Neither one really, but def not Waffle House, which seems like it’s a place where they actually serve the roaches at the table.”


Twitter user @Gary_Johnson789 may have the best breakdown of the debate in his reply.

“IHOP is for going out to eat with the church choir after winning the singing competition. Waffle House is for when you drunk asf at 3 ina morning and like to watch the chef roll and smoke a blunt while making your hashbrowns,” they wrote.

We’re not picking sides here because there are way more options out there and plus, we care about our gastrointestinal tracts a bit more these days. Check out the debate below and sound off in the comments to let us know your faves.

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