Blake Griffin might be a great basketball player, but according to reports by The Shade Room he is lacking at parenting.


Here's what happened when Twitter heard about Blake Griffin working on a "White Men Can't Jump" remake.

According to new reports, the remaining OKC Thunder player was pretty pissed that KD left him hanging.

The NBA final match up between Steph Curry and the Warriors versus Lebron James and the Cavaliers is a perfect excuse for meme makers and tweeters to get their shine on via social media— even at the risk of sounding cruel and rude. Luckily, the players in this year’s NBA finals and a few other basketball legends have […]

Over the weekend, Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin was involved in an altercation that led to him breaking a bone in his hand.

By now, you’ve probably already seen the sense of humor side of Blake Griffin, and he’s not afraid to show it. The NBA star recently…

Jimmy Kimmel‘s Mean Tweets segment has really become a huge sensation, and fans can’t wait to see who’s the next victim to read some hate from trolls…

  No more Mr. Nice Guy.   It’s no secret that Blake Griffin is one of the NBA’s most explosive big men in the league.…


The racist comments allegedly made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling are not funny at all and reflect a very serious issue of racism and bigotry deeply rooted in American culture. But leave it to Twitter and Instagram to find the humor in every situation. ALSO SEE: Magic Johnson Wants to Buy The Clippers […]

L.A. Clippers forward Blake Griffin shares some of his workout secrets responsible for making him such a formidable opponent on the court and how he rises above the competition. On maintaining his energy level… “Energy is something you can control. In everything you do, you’re going to face people more talented than you.  I set […]