From  Who made this guy upset? I mean this is just unnecessary. I recommend public mocking and stoning.  via Gawker If you were thinking of pissing in a co-workers drink, here’s something that should give you pause: A man who admitted spiking his colleague’s coffee with urine was ordered to pay $5,001 in damages. And […]

Seen at The twitterspehere has been buzzing all morning after news that wrestling legend, The Ultimate Warrior, passed away at 54.  WWE Confirms the news:  WWE is shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the passing of one of the most iconic WWE Superstars ever, The Ultimate Warrior. Warrior began his WWE career in 1987 […]

Seen at Now let me just say that as a guy, I’m impressed. . What do you think that? Am I pushing it? Check out the pictures here!  @BrianJamesLive (Twitter) @IAmBrianJames (Instagram)

 From Well, Drake is accused of being an Athlete Groupie… Again…  He was all over Johnny Football at the Kentucky basketball game in the Final Four. Check out the Twitter reaction here.  @BrianJamesLive (Twitter) @IAmBrianJames (Instagram)  

  From  I always wondered about Michael B. Jordan and if his name was a mere coincidence or if he actually has some basketball skills. Apparently the Fruitvale Station actor has the handles side of the game down packed. See the full story and the visual at The Grio. @BrianJamesLive (Twitter) @IAmBrianJames (Instagram)

  From  So the rumors have been speculating about Bobbi Kristina possibly being on that white like her mother (Whitney Houston) in her tough times. This picture confirms that may be true. Twitter drags her through the mud, check out the picture.  @BrianJamesLive (Twitter) @IAmBrianJames (Instagram) 

From This teacher is living out the real life of Walter White. What an idiot, this guy. McPhallen Kuwale, ladies and gentlemen.  From Metro UK: The technology whizz had cutting agents worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, as well as a pressing machine to make the cocaine appear to be of a higher grade, police […]

  From   Co- Woerker of Shaq, Ryan Young, accuses  Shaquille O’neal of assault. Goliath is under review. WSB-TV: Channel 2′s Ryan Young obtained a police report detailing the incident, but so far, O’Neal has not been charged with anything. Shaquille O’Neal is known for being a bigger-than-life figure who fans adore. He even claims to […]

From I feel bad for my bro, a lot has happened to this man in the recent days. He has to spend at least 1 month in prison but now reports are saying that he will be facing up to 4 years in prison.  From TMZ: The judge said Chris had an “inability to stay […]

From This is awesome, FLOTUS Michelle Obama is set to host a legendary line up of contemporary artists at the White House for the “Women of Soul” concert. Who is on the card?  Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Melissa Etheridge, Tessanne Chin, Janelle Monáe, Jill Scott, and Ariana Grande, will grace the stage during an event that will touch […]

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Seen at Great news to start the weekend as the world famous Ohio State University is set to announce it’s first African American President in the school’s history. Just in time for Black History Month. Dr. Michael Drake will be the next President of Ohio State after the current President, Gordon Gee, retires in […]