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Bobbi Kristina's Family Celebrates her 23rd birthday, Charlie Sheen seeks reduced child support & more

In an interesting twist to an already controversial story, Charlie Sheen revealed he temporarily went off his HIV medications.

Sheen says his porn star habit led to his HIV, and now, two of the porn stars who were intimate with the famed actor have come forward.


In a highly anticipated interview with The Today Show‘s Matt Lauer earlier this week, Charlie Sheen, the Hollywood ‘bad boy’ everyone loves to hate, revealed that he has been living with HIV for the past four years. “It’s a hard three letters to absorb. It’s a turning point in one’s life,” a visibly anxious Sheen told […]

Magic Johnson wants Charlie Sheen on his team in the fight against HIV. If you’ve paid any attention to TV or online news, you know by now that Charlie Sheen has confirmed that he’s HIV positive. As another celebrity with HIV, Magic took the opportunity to reach out and show his support. “I wish @CharlieSheen […]

Charlie Sheen's Goddesses are speaking out about the actor's big announcement that he is HIV positive.

It seems that Rihanna was not here for Charlie Sheen and his girlfriend last night. Apparently, the two stars were at the same restaurant and Sheen wanted to introduce his girlfriend to the ‘Pour It Up’ star. It seems hat Rihanna was not interested in meeting the girlfriend, and Charlie took it to Twitter through […]