When news broke back in 2012 that Whitney Houston had died due to a drug overdose, many people speculated that it was Bobby Brown who introduced her to narcotics. Since the star’s untimely death, it has been revealed that her brother Michael Houston was the one who introduced her to drugs. But sources say that it was her other […]

Davis reads a tearjerking letter he wrote to the legendary singer after her shocking 2001 Michael Jackson anniversary concert appearance.

Poor Chipotle just can't shy away from bad press.

Looks like Future isn't the only fan of Gucci footwear.

From This teacher is living out the real life of Walter White. What an idiot, this guy. McPhallen Kuwale, ladies and gentlemen.  From Metro UK: The technology whizz had cutting agents worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, as well as a pressing machine to make the cocaine appear to be of a higher grade, police […]

If you know anything outside of Frank Ocean’s music career, consider yourself lucky! He is the type of artist that will only reveal what he wants you to know. He especially hates interviews. If you’re able to get one with the Grammy Award winner, it’s best to get in any and everything while you have […]

Brooklyn man was arrested Monday (August 5) after surveillence cameras caught him selling large quantities of cocaine and oxycodone from the same vehicle he was using to deliver tasty frozen treats to kids!  I wonder if the cops confiscated the ice cream too :( According to The New York Daily, the surveillance video shows the undercover […]

A Papa John’s deliveryman from Brooklyn, New York was recently arrested after getting caught selling large amounts of cocaine while delivering pizzas. 45-year-old Ramon Rodriguez…

CNN Breaking News is reporting from the LA Coroner’s office that the cause of death of pop icon singer Whitney Houston has been ruled accidental by drowning. Reports from the coroner’s indicate Houston has already been diagnosed with heart disease but cocaine was found in her system listed as as a factor of death. In […]

(Madeira, OH) — Drug charges are pending in Ohio against a woman accused of snorting coke during a visit at her daughter’s school. Police in Madeira say Emily Rosenberger was at her eight-year-old’s Valentine’s Day party when staff members caught her in a restroom snorting what appeared to be cocaine. It happened at Madeira Elementary […]

There’s a new reality show focusing on the lives of the “BMF Wives,” or the women whose men make money off of cocaine and other drugs. One of the cast members has a Kardashian connection, because she’s dating Kim’s first husband Damon Thomas. Hip-Hop Behind Bars: 2011 Edition “BMF” or the “Black Mafia Family” drugdealers […]