Gucci’s early September twitter rant is still the talk of the internet as all of those artists that he mentioned are now replying to his remarks and the latest to do so is Rocko. “I felt like me and homie was like…that was my ace,” revealed Rocko. “When all that took place, I was in […]

A little under a year ago Briant Marc Rowe was struck by a MTA train in Brooklyn, New York. The 24 year old was last seen wandering into the subway tunnel after a long night with his fraternity brothers. His mother sued MTA for $50 Million for the negligence in the case as the subway […]

So surely you haven’t forgotten Gucci Mane and his grammar-less twitter rant, exposing pretty much everyone in the game. Well, the Atlanta rapper is back on Twitter this weekend and is apologizing for that rant. Apparent;y he is incarcerated (but tweting? IDK) and he went on to admit that he has been dangerously addicted to […]

October/ November ‘s issue of Complex Magazine gets sexy with everyone’s favorite Australian on the cover, Iggy Azalea. Check out the exclusive pictures below. I’m actually trying to stop.   

The internet went wild when pop star Justin Beiber tweeted a picture of himself holding the script to a film already grabbing attention across the world, Man of Steel 2. After he tweeted the picture, twitter erupted trying to figure out what role the young star would play. Who do you think he will be? […]

We are gearing up for possibly the best release of 2013, Drake’s “Nothing Was the Same” Album is set to drop September 25. The video is sure to grab your attention, the vehicles used in the motorcade within the video are at least $250k a piece, and we all like shiny imports. Check out the […]