Kanye West made a rare television appearance Thursday on  Jimmy Kimmel Live and answered questions about his wife, Kim Kardashian, what’s next and of course, Donald Trump. He answered the majority of them (in his special voice) but when it came to the biggest question, West was stumped. Also Read: Kanye West Flaking On “Carpool […]

Denzel Washington might not have won an Oscar Sunday night, but he did get to leave with his integrity. On the first night back at work hosting his late night show on Monday, Jimmy Kimmel revealed how Denzel came to the rescue in the final moments of the Oscars ceremony after a flustered Faye Dunaway wrongfully […]

The King of the South stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday and opened up about protesting the recent election results.

Nas is one of the most celebrated rappers in hip hop, so it comes as no surprise that a mural was made in likeness, in his hometown of Queens, New York. But the rap king felt otherwise when he got his first glimpse of the mural. Nas stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and revealed how […]

Mogul Talk is about to get even more up close and personal

Jimmy Kimmel tapped Ice Cube and friends to rework some of their smashes #ForTheCulture – and for the kids.

The NBA final match up between Steph Curry and the Warriors versus Lebron James and the Cavaliers is a perfect excuse for meme makers and tweeters to get their shine on via social media— even at the risk of sounding cruel and rude. Luckily, the players in this year’s NBA finals and a few other basketball legends have […]


As we are positively sure you’ve already heard unless you’ve been camping out under a rock for the last week, the Mets are currently battling…

Being named after food gives people the OK to turn you into food fodder. In Taraji P. Henson‘s case, since her uber-popular character on Empire is named “Cookie,” fans have been filling up her cookie jar with the delicious treats – and she’s sick of it. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel asked the Emmy-nominated […]