The talk show host is hoping that crisis control expert Judy Smith will help rebuild his relationship with the public.

"Scandal's" Judy Smith is about to swoop in and fix the day.


In the wake of the uprisings and public relations shit-show taking place in Baltimore, the city has reportedly hired “crisis consultant” Judy Smith, the woman…


  Judy Smith, the D.C. fixer upon whose life Shonda Rhimes loosely based Scandal‘s “Olivia Pope,” played by Kerry Washington, is headed to Baltimore to…

The celebrity chef Paula Deen has hired some help! The help she hired is Judy Smith, the inspiration behind the hit ABC series Scandal. Judy Smith is Olivia Pope from the show Scandal, which is portrayed by Kerry Washington. It is very evident that Deen needs some real help to save her from sinking herself into the ground. Unfortunately, […]