Once he contacted the club to say he wanted to retire in style, the New York Knicks obliged.

Carmelo Anthony Speaks on Growing up in Baltimore, also Police Brutality. Related: Alton Sterling’s Son Speaks on Father’s Death Related: Minnesota Governor: Philando Castile Would Be Alive If He Was White  

As the Cleveland Cavaliers still revel in winning the 2016 NBA Finals, the New York Knicks are still trying to find the right pieces for next season. In an effort to at least make it to the post season come next go round, the Knicks have traded for Derrick Rose. The Bulls have traded Rose, Justin […]

The Knicks are about to hire their fifth coach in four years. Yikes. The lucky man is Jeff Hornacek and on Thursday (May 19), he entered into…

Miley Cyrus may be off the market again, judging by the wrecking ball she was rocking on her hand at the Knicks vs. Cavs game on Saturday.

It's been a roller coaster of a year for the New York Knicks, and just ahead of All Star Weekend, it's being reported that head coach Derek Fisher has been fired.

The Knicks are having a tough year. Last night, the Rockets gave the team their 14th straight loss in a more than 20-point victory, and…

I wouldn’t consider myself a “sneaker head”, but when I see something that catches my eyes I CANT RESIST! These Foamposites are straight FIRE!!! It might be because they’re the Knicks edition and I’m the BIGGEST Knicks Fan Forever! I know I know…WE STILL STINK! BUT and Yes there is a bIG BUT…I AM LOYAL! […]

  Seen at IAmBrianJames.com: Knicks Point Guard, Raymond Felton, has been in the center of the entertainment world with his foolish antics lately. Well, the story continues as his wife, well soon to be ex-wife, tells all about the disloyal love she was trapped in and how he pulled a gun on her… Twice.  NY […]


Carmelo Anthony just released an epic  new video for Footlocker and the Jordan brand check it out in the video below! Even if you aren’t…