This Pastor thought he was safe! Someone caught their Pastor slipping watching twerk videos on his phone and I don’t even think he knows someone could see his screen. Check it out here:

Cam’ron has ammo for days when it comes to putting his former comrades secrets on blast. Just a month after going in on Jim Jones in an Instagram Live rant, Killa Cam returned to the social platform to call out his old friend Mase. In the video, Cam stressed to his followers the importance of keeping […]

The past few years have been so unorthodox that even churches are becoming apart of huge Hollwood-like scandals. Salem Missionary Baptist Church  has been in Houston for more than 80 years, and now the temple has some drama that they’re not leaving to God to handle. According to reports, members of the 100 people congregation […]


An openly gay preacher in Austin, Tex. ordered a cake from Whole Foods, but upon returning to his car, was shocked to see what was written on the dessert.

  Churchgoers at a Detroit service got the shock of a lifetime when their pastor shot a man during worship Sunday, according to local reports. The shooting took place at the City Of God Church on Detroit’s west side, when 26-year-old Deante Smith entered the service carrying a brick. Police say the man was well-known […]

No shame pastor Creflo Dollar has ended his ridiculous crowdfunding campaign that was requesting a private $64 million Gulfstream G650 airplane “for his ministry” (as…


For years, the Rev. Shaun O. Harrison Sr. worked as the dean of students at Boston’s English High School. Harrison, known for short as “the…

 Seen at This dude has been harlem shaking since I was a young lad in elementary school and since then his life has gone through an array of changes as well. Ma$e has gone into the church and then back out in the “world” (As they call it) and even took the ranks of […]

From For those of you who like conspiracies and such… You have to see this video!  Prophet T.B. Joshua said this in the morning of Sunday 9th March 2013: “The plane concerned is deep inside the sea. Some of the particles will be seen on the surface of the sea any moment from now. […]


According to TMZ, a Pentecostal pastor from the Nat. Geo‘ show  ”Snake Salvation” died Saturday night after one of the poisonous snakes that he is known to…

  A pastor was just fired from a church for attending a Rick Ross concert. Here’s how our radio affiliate Praise DC is reporting the…